Headquarters and US office


Responsive to every wish, all around the world

Effearredi employs both an exclusive “theater environment” in Italy to guarantee project excellence and a location in the US to closely follow the demands of the international market.

The well-established practice of both designing and manufacturing at the Effearredi office in Italy makes use of an exclusive workspace in which projects are pre-assembled and tested.

Effearredi features a true and real “theater environment” which stages your best projects in order to inspect every detail.

A precious framework, that combines the know-how and operation of Effearredi’s office in Miami, Florida, was strategically designed to capture new trends among professionals and clients.

We give shape to your ideas and dreams!!

Miami office

Due to the several projects requests during 2011, our company decided to open a branch corporate with offices in Miami, Florida.
EFFEARREDI’s brand image and our reliability and design quality made possible to immediately work with the best Miami Interior Designers and Architects, in collaboration with our resident partner and project manager.


Our manufacture, strictly “ Made in Italy”, is driven only under the supervision of our own Italian millworker.