Italianfine custom millwork

Our mission consists of providing high-end furniture to the exclusive and selected target, in the residential and commercial sectors.
EFFEARREDI’s main goal is to produce the highest quality of products, materials, high technology accessories and craftsmen finishes.

Our history

EFFEARREDI was founded in the heart of northern ITALY in 1994 and arose from the vision of four friends. The creators gathered their woodworking passion and background individual experiences into this luxury home and Interior Design Company. The creative union of these former members and its resemblances generated an exponential development for the corporation which has placed today EFFEARREDI into the highest level of Interior Design industries in Italy and worldwide.

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Why choose us?

  • Real and fully “Made in Italy” products.
  • Exclusive custom made creation to give shape to your ideas.
  • One project - One manager
  • Building mock up spaces.
  • Installation made by our specialized millworkers.
  • Commercial US branch in Miami - Florida.
  • Trusted vendor of luxury brands with UL listed products

Effearredi craftsman spirit on a global scale


Our current facility is located in Castelli Calepio, near Bergamo.
Thanks to a high technology and a great passion, we bring your ideas to life!


Due to the several projects requests during 2011, our company decided to open a branch corporate with offices in Miami, Florida.

EFFEARREDI’s brand image and our reliability and design quality made possible to immediately work with the best Miami Interior Designers and Architects, in collaboration with our resident partner and project manager.

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